Hiking the Long Trail

The Hubz has been wanting to do some hiking this year and we haven’t made it out in the past month and half so today we decided to hike part of the Long Trail which is conveniently located near my parents’ house.  We did a 6 mile hike; the hike was basically straight up the mountain and we came across some great views where we stopped to have some snacks.

Our first stop was Prospect Point a this great lookout where we took a few photos and shared a Lara bar.

Next stop Roundtop Shelter (almost to the summit of Roundtop Mountain) where we enjoyed Nuttzo with jam and beautiful view.

Most repulsive smelling place ever---the outhouse- no we didn't use it

After hiking a yummy grilled tofu sandwich and baked sweet potato fries were in order…however hunger made me forget to take a picture.


  1. Aww how cute are you two 🙂 And what I view! I am also so jealous of you and that tasty new larabar im still on the hunt to find that new flavor.

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