Busy Weekend & Pantry Challenge Week 2

This weekend we have been busy with packing and cleaning our apartment that I unfortunately haven’t had time to blog until now.  We are moving in a few weeks …to my parents …I know not what we planned but our apartment won’t be ready to move into until early/mid July so we are going to be homeless.  We have to put all of our belongings in storage so we are hoping to do that ASAP.

This weekend I have been having major cravings for vegan grilled cheese so both Saturday and Sunday morning I had a yummy vegan grilled cheeze and a Bubbies pickle.

After a yummy breakfast it was time to head to the farmers market to pick up the items for our pantry challenge. I found a number of great items from Pete’s Greens organic produce stand and some snap peas from another organic farm stand. We also headed to another farmers market where I picked up some more organic produce.

  • Pak Choi $2.50
  • Red Russian Kale $2.50
  • Red Bliss Potatoes $1.50
  • Purple String Beans $1.75
  • Snap Peas $3
  • Garlic Scapes $2
  • Strawberries $6
    • Total: $19.25 ( I also cheated a bit because we needed bananas for banana soft serve and lunches so I bought $4 worth of bananas from the grocery store)—New Total: $23.25
  • Q: How is your pantry challenge going?

Saturday lunch was baked sesame tempeh with roasted broccoli and Alexia waffle fries with a sriracha aioli.

Dinner on Saturday was leftover tempeh with pak choi and curry noodles, unfortunately so hungry that I forgot to take a photo.

Lunch today was wonderful.  My parents came down to help us pack and brought green beans, potatoes, broccoli and mushrooms which I made into a lunch along with the beans I cooked up. We had balsamic roasted broccoli, soy roasted green beans, mashed potatoes with mushrooms gravy and a trio of beans.

Dinner was great as well- I used up the last of the beans I cooked up and formed them into bean burgers which I baked in the oven along with carrot fries (my new obsession) and then I cooked up some kale with a little garlic and tossed with a large pinch of nutritional yeast.

Alright Bloggies I am exhausted after this crazy weekend so I am going to catch up on some episodes of Parenthood and enjoy an evening treat.


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