RANT ALERT and Dinner Out

Just as we were arriving home we received a call that the lady who was supposed to view our apartment an hour earlier had pushed the time back.  We said it was fine that she went in that we would hang out on the bench in the front yard so that she could have a chance to check the place out.  It was a nice treat for our indoor kitty because we let her come out and rub her face in the grass- she was in heaven.  Everything was going fine and about a half hour later we decided that it was time to bring the kitty inside and we expected that by then the lady would have seen enough and be leaving. BOY WERE WE WRONG!

She proceed to tell the rental agent about 30 things that she would like improved or changed if she were to move in.  My husband and I were sitting in the living room going ARE YOU SERIOUS! Anyways this went on for another 30 minutes and then finally the Hubz told them that they just had to go…but they didn’t go far they hung out in the yard for another 20 minutes. Maybe I’m too rigid but I think after 30minutes of viewing an apartment that the potential renter had already viewed the week before is just rude.

Okay rant over.  Since the viewing ended up going way longer than we expected I just wasn’t feeling like putting together dinner so the Hubz took me out to the Skinny Pancake for vegan crepes; I had the vegan crepedilla and the Hubz had a vegan monster and a Harpoon brew.

After a delicious dinner we came home to enjoy a little Netflix and I had a Pomegranate Seltzer Mocktail and the Hubz had a sour beer.

Q: When you look at a new place to rent how long do you generally spend looking? Do you make certain demands/request before you agree to take the rental space?


  1. I spend 15-20 minutes tops, 5-10 for a 2nd trip. Only demands/requests that are structural/safety.

    I am with you! That seems a bit outrageous, considering she was late.

  2. I like to look a couple times, in case I missed something in the excitement. I certainly wouldn’t stay 30 (!?) minutes if there were tenants!!! And yeah, I make demands, but only realistic ones, like, fix the dripping faucets and make sure that water heater works!

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