Early Bird Special

Hey Bloggies! I know I have been a little absent the past few days but I am back in full force.  This morning I was feeling something savory so I cooked up on of my favorites: Cheezy Grits!

At work I had a horrible K-Cup of Chai Tea which I shouldn’t be surprised as to how bad it was.  I was being optimistic though but it was a huge FAIL.

For my lunch I brought some trail mix, a banana and a Vega Shake & Go…..which also turned out to be an epic fail.  I really wanted to like the Vega Shake but it just was too sweet and had a funny taste.  I just couldn’t get into it so I am thinking that it might go okay will unsweetened almond milk, spinach and banana but this defeats the purpose of shake & go.

After work I met my Momma for an iced tea and to pick up some camping chairs for our guest.

Since lunch was a pretty huge fail I was so hungry after my tea that I called the hubby and told him I’d be home in 40 minutes so he better the rice on and steam up a few sweet potatoes. When I got home I poured myself a nice glass of wine and prepared our Early Bird dinner.  For dinner we had brown rice, sweet potato, garlic broccoli and cashews and caramelized onions topped with nama shoyu, gomasio and sriracha.  Now we’ll be off to shuffle board and then it’s into bed by 7.

Actually I am working on finding the motivation to make cupcakes and pack for camping.


  1. I have a Keurig and most of the tea K-Cups I tried were pretty fail. I don’t even buy K-Cups anymore though, I just use grounds or loose tea in the “do it yourself” K-Cup. Oh well. 😛 Have fun camping!

  2. I love cheesy grits, although I’ve only had the non-vegan version. First tried them last year at a cooking competition, and they were divine! I’m hooked!

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