hi ho hi ho it’s off to work I go

This morning hubby and I headed out to the farmers market but were pretty unsuccessful; we came home with some ruby chard and onions, oh well.  We did however enjoy a steamed red bean bun and a steamed vegetable dumpling with happy hot sauce.

I unfortunately will be spending most of my day working at a country music concert for work – which I am not overly thrilled about doing but oh well it’s part of the job.  After I am done though we are meeting up with our friends for a drink which gives me something to look forward to.  Since we will be basically gone the entire afternoon/evening we are packing up some dinner to save money and eat healthier. Plus we went out to Sarducci’s for dinner last night and had the most delicious dinner which I did not photograph because it was a camera/cellphone/computer/TV free evening.

So for lunch I made some delicious tofurky veggie bagel sandwiches and served up with falafel chips, salsa and a banana. I whipped out a few new gadgets that Microplane USA sent me to help in getting my veggies ready for the sandwich.

I used the straight blade peeler for my carrot and then I used the shredder face of the box grater to well….shred it. I also used the slicer face of the box grater to make thin slices of cucumber for the sandwich.  I thought the peeler did a great job and it was easy and comfortable to hold.  I also loved this box grater because it has a really great handle on the top (which I didn’t get a good shot of) but it makes it so much easier to hold than other ones that I have used.  I thought that the shredder face worked really well but I think I’ll stick to my mandolin for slicing.

As I said above our lunch also includes some falafel chips from Flamous Brands which are honestly my new favorite thing and I need to make some hummus to go with these chips. These  chips are vegan, gluten free, organic and non-GMO.  They are also super tasty and come in regular and spicy- of course loving the spice hubz and I opened the spicy first and they are delicious.

Q: Do you have days/nights/mornings when you turn off all your electronics? If you have never tried this or think that you can’t live without your phone I recommend that you give it a chance even for an hour or two.  It is really freeing and gives you time to just relax and slow down.


  1. >>We did however enjoy a steamed red bean bun and a steamed vegetable dumpling with happy hot sauce.<<

    I have had tech free evenings before but I'm not really good at it. When I go travelling I leave my laptop behind and just have my iPod and my cellphone for emergencies. I did this for 8 days in Portugal recently and it was such a treat. I read three books, wrote down what happened every day, got a lot of sleep. I also always notice anxiety when I have to check my mail again, which is a clue that it's def time to step back from the gadgets.

    My big dependence is podcasts. I commute 45 minutes each way on the train, plus 10 minutes from home to the station and 20 minutes from the station to work. I *always* listen to podcasts, or sometimes music, to help pass the time. I also listen to them when I clean, do the dishes, ride my bike to the store, etc. It helps me get through tedious tasks and long stretches of waiting, but sometimes my head is just crammed with NOISE. Songs, the voices of the radio people, etc. I have been considering a week of "silence" — no music or podcasts, no ipod, no radio. Just to let my brain be quiet for awhile. Maybe I will do it sooner rather than later….

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