1. Mom

    We drink Green Mtn Coffee all the time and really enjoy many flavors. We have not tried the Spring
    Revival yet. I will have to look for it at one of the
    gas station stops.
    What a great chance you had to go and do a tasting.
    love you

  2. I have been a fan on facebook for a while now as well! Glad you had a good time at the tasting! I long for the days when me and my hubby will be able to do things alone again without worrying about a little one!

  3. I went to their site and did some reading. I had no idea that so much went into coffee production. I suppose it never occurred to me how it would be an art form to choose and mix the beans in such a way. Being a roast master would be a fantastic job!!

  4. Browsing the Green Mountain Coffee site, I found the coffee maker I’ve been searching for…the Santos Vacuum!! These pots make very smooth coffee and are quite dramatic to watch, a real conversation piece…so much more than just a coffee pot!!

  5. […] This evening Hubz and I headed out to the Green Mountain Coffee Visitor Center at the Waterbury Train Station for a tasting of Green Mountain Coffees limited edition Spring Revival Blend. We began with a nice reception filled with a … […]

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