Green Juice Kick

Lately I have been on a huge green juice kick and it feels great! I have picked up some really great organic veggies this week which have made some tasty juices.  My favorite combination is romaine, cucumber, celery, carrot and a small green apple – when I have parsley I like to add that as well.

I sucked this all down from my National Life Idol mug- at my last job we had an American Idolish contest for the employees.  Honestly it turned out to be more like National Life’s Got Talent than an Idol show but either way it was a break from sitting at my desk and I got the huge mug to drink green juice from!

I have also been trying to keep lunch pretty light and raw since the summer is coming and raw food with soon be in abundance.  Raw veggies have the highest nutrients and are great for you.  The more you cook your vegetables the more nutrients are lost so try incorporate more raw and lightly steamed veggies into your diet.

Thursday night we finished off the last of our Daiya with some amazing grilled sandwiches.  These sandwiches were olive rolls stuffed with bbq tempeh, tomatoes, spinach, tofutti, and Daiya then grilled to perfection.  I served it up with some quinoa tabouli that was tasty and very refreshing.

Since I forgot my camera yesterday with all my pictures to post I had planned on posting everything above me last night so it’s a bit delayed but I figured still totally worth showing of the yumminess.  We ended up staying out until around 11pm last night for on of my girl-friend’s b-day parties so we didn’t get home until midnight and I was too tired to post at that point.  We did however have an amazing night filled with delicious food from American Flatbread- the hubby and I shared a double order of the Evolution Salad which has yummy arame on it and a Vegan Revolution Flatbread which was equally as delicious.  We also tried some of their house brewed beers which were delicious and then we headed next door to play Apples to Apples and have a Long Trail.

Now it’s time for laundry and cleaning/packing up our apartment but first a little menu planning from these two books:

Q: Do you plan menus for the week?



  1. Yum to all of it! I’ve been giving my 2 year old a cup of green juice every morning and he really loves it. His favorite seems to be romaine, apple, carrot, but when I have other greens and veggies that I know he has a hard time chewing well enough to get down, I throw those in as well. 🙂

    No, I don’t menu plan. I should, but I don’t (yet?). I just pretty much ravage the organic produce section and then work around that!

  2. JL

    I’ve been on a juice kick, too (in fact, I did a juice fast yesterday as part of a two-week candida clear cleanse)

    Yes, I plan my menu every weekend. I pick out the recipes, I then grocery shop, and on Sunday morning I prepare the food (I’m too tired to cook during the week) This morning I made a red lentil squash soup, Asian TVP, curried black beans and kale, miso-baked tofu, eggless “egg” salad, garlic-saffron quinoa, oatmeal and in the dehydrator: raw sunflower seed bread and raw flax/chia crackers. I’m set for the week and it’s just turning 10:30 a.m.! 🙂

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