Hike Recap

Hubby and I woke up this morning and headed out for a hike. Hubby has been begging me to go on a hike since the snow disappeared but the weather hasn’t been great so when we woke up to a bright sunny day it seemed perfect. We stopped in at Onion River and picked up some shot blocks and Gu.

We started on our hike and at first it was pretty hard especially since I have been nursing a cold. We hiked for awhile and then decided to share a piece of XoBiotic chocolate which unfortunately was a little stale but we ate it anyway.

One of the fun things about our hike is that the trail we picked was a historical trail with little things to stop at each way.  Below is me pretending to tumble into a 27 foot well from the 1800s.

So our hike started out pretty well and then we decided to go to the top of this summit and went down the otherside.  About 40 minutes later we decided that we were going the wrong direction so we turned around and went the other direction for about an hour and 20 minutes.  Then again we decided that we were probably going to wrong direction.  Finally I spotted a trail that might get us back to where we started.  To my delight we found a headed up the trail and at the end of it were 2 Bud Light cans that we had seen earlier in the day and I yelped with joy.

Neil was pretty excited too. We were no longer lost.

After our 5+ hour hike that should have taken ohhhhh 2.5 hours, if we hadn’t have gotten lost, we headed to The Alchemist for some beers and delicious food.  When we got there they weren’t serving a full menu so we started with Genius Waters, beers and pretzels with spicy mustard.

Then we got a second beer, sweet potato fries to share and each ordered a tempeh sandwich.  Our eyes were bigger than our tummies though so we only ended up eating half of our sandwiches.

Now we are hanging out at home relaxing our bodies and drinking tea.

Q: What did you do today?

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