So after staying up way too late last night researching places to go/stay, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not going to happen this year. We won’t be packing up our beach bags and heading anywhere warm anytime soon. I guess we will just be enjoying some local vacations this year to NYC, Boston and lots of camping.  I am ready for our NYC trip Labour Day weekend though, even though it’s months away.

This morning was pretty unproductive since I stayed up way too late and haven’t been feeling well (bad idea) I am exhausted today and just feeling pretty crummy.  I can’t wait to go home and crawl in my bed and sleep. This morning I had one large coffee at Speeders and snacked on a Odawalla Bar. Then I had to run all over town and find a ‘Get Well Soon’ card per the request of my boss.  I’d never imagined it would be so hard to find a nice card that wasn’t humorous, religious or too girly (the card was for a firefighter).  Finally I found a nice simple one at Barnes&Noble and then it was time to get down to business.

Q: How’s your morning been?

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  1. Sorry you feel crappy! I know the feeling well — not enough sleep and you can’t wait for the work day to end so you can take a proper nap.

    My morning has been pretty decent so far! Right now, I’m enjoying the first sweet strawberries of the season! With a little stevia for added sweetness.

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