Four Hours Just Isn’t Enough

After my morning at the coffee shop it was straight to the office to get down to business with my piles of files to work on.  I was hopping that today I could catch up some organizing but it seems that just wasn’t in the cards.  I spent all morning going and going and going….and I still have a ton to do.  You see I only work four hours a day (on average lately it’s been more like 5-6) and I know you’re saying WHAT that is the life.  Haha I wish it was but it’s really not long enough to get everything done each day and there is constantly something that needs to get done. I also am on call pretty much all the time so even if I’m not at work I might be called to do something.  Anyways, now it’s time to get a snack and hang out at Healthy Living since I haven’t been here all week and I figured they missed me.

Hubby and I decided that we would do our nightly walk down at the Burlington Bike Path after he gets out of work instead of heading straight home. Since we won’t be home until later and I’ve had my yummy yogurt with banana and oats for lunch I needed some greens and a little protein. So I made a little plate of goodness to enjoy while I get some school work done that I didn’t do this morning.

On my plate of goodness is tempeh of the sea, roasted sweet potato, kale and sauteed green beans and a few tiny pieces of chipotle tofu.

How do you balance work, relationships and time for yourself?

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