A Picnic On The Waterfront

It was beautiful this afternoon so I decided to expand our walk into a lovely picnic on the water front.  Hubby has been working so hard at work lately it’s time for a little romance.  I picked up a wonderful spread of food from Healthy Living and Fresh Market and grabbed a blanket from the trunk of the car and we headed out for a walk. Hubby was so delight and surprised it was a great afternoon and BEAUTIFUL! We had lots of amazing food from snap peas with tamari almonds, baguette, olives, dolmas, artichokes, veggies, babaganoush, red wine and vegan truffles.

Wonderful food and a beautiful view.

Q: What do you do for your significant other to show your love and appreciation?


  1. All of your food looks so delicious! that baguette so tempted me to go out and buy one. then eat the entire thing. Love your blog, glad you had a nice day!

  2. What a beautiful view of the lake, with lots of great food. I love Healthy Living. We’re coming up in May and I’m glad to hear the weather is nice. Even if it’s not, it’s still so incredible to be in Vermont.

  3. hey, it’s nice to “meet” another vermont blogger! we’re a rare breed. and i go to healthy living and fresh market all the time! a picnic sounds perfect… if only the weather would perk up, right?

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