As many of you know I just started a new job so my life has been pretty crazy the last few days since I am trying to transition from being a “house wife” to going back to the working world.  I am attempting to figure out how to get myself back in the kitchen making interesting, new dishes to blog about as well I have a number of cookbook and product reviews that are on my ‘To Do’ list.  Just a heads up that this weeks blogging will be slightly inconsistent but I am still here!  I just need to figure out my new schedule and adjust to the big changes in my life.

One of the other big transitions is not being at home to make whatever I want for lunch it’s back to planning and packing.  For lunch yesterday I brought:

I had a half portion of dried apricots, dried mangos and habanero bbq almonds- I weighed out the portions on my kitchen scale

Blue Diamond sent me some samples of their products and these yummy nuts were among the mix. I love these! They have great flavor however when I read habanero I expected them to be spicy but they aren’t.

Veggies! lots of carrots, red peppers and cukes!

A mug of half-caf in my new PureVia tumbler which is my new favorite one. I still have to try my PureVia sample - I'll let you know what I think

Lastly some hint water- the grapefruit mango flavor is my favorite

Question: Do you usually pack your lunch or eat out?  What do you usually have for lunch?


  1. I pack every day.
    Normally a mix of kale, broccoli, salsa, seitan (or tempeh or tofu), and nutritional yeast. Throw it all together into a big mush, and heat it up. Doesn’t look pretty but it’s delicious.
    And normally an apple along with the mix.

  2. Mom

    Hi Honey Life will get easier as you get in your
    routine. First week always the hardest with
    balancing things. Good Luck love you

  3. It is hard to work and run a house. I don’t know what I will do when I go back to work and the boys start school. Ugh.

    We love your blog and wish you the best.


  4. I always pack my lunch! There is one constant and that is a red grapefruit. The main part of my meal is most often a big salad full of as many veggies as I can fit into my container, topped with a little red wine vinegar and a mix of ground flax, hemp seeds, and nutritional yeast. If I have leftovers in the house, those will replace the salad. I especially like bringing soup for lunch. I knew it would be cold and rainy today, though, and I didn’t want to further chill myself with a salad, so I brought quinoa (1/2 cup), lentils (1/2 cup), and steamed kale, plus hemp seed to sprinkle on top.

    I hope you’re enjoying your new job despite not quite being in the swing of things yet. 🙂

  5. Well when I need to have lunch at work (between rehearsals), I almost always bring my lunch now. We used to go out to eat sometimes, but being vegan makes it MUCH more difficult. I often bring some sort of veg. rolls in rice paper or nori sheets, or maybe a rice salad and some crackers and hummus. And a Primal Strip!

  6. Jackie

    I always pack, generally leftovers (there are only two of us, so it’s easy). If I’m particularly organized I’ll make my own salad ‘mixes’ in tupperware, keeping dressing in the little containers & wet things (like tomatoes) separate in the snack-sized Ziplocs. Try lots of things–depending on the time you have to eat (I only get about 20 minute) and what time you actually eat, you’ll find what works for you.

    Mrs. Mays makes those amazing ‘crunch’ things (the ones I have now are called “Almond Crunch”)–perfect for getting through a long, hungry afternoon. I buy them at Costco & use a small tupperware to always keep a couple handfuls in my lunchbag.

  7. I’m afraid I’m not nearly so creative as you. My typical lunch, that I pack of course, is a pita stuffed with veggies and/or beans. Chickpeas are my fav because I combine them with hummus and the nutty flavor is so good!

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