Diets: Which ones really work?

I can’t post much this morning as I have to get ready for my first day at my new job.  I’m really excited and I can’t wait to start.  I did a short yoga sesh this morning to relax my body and mind and get ready for the big day.  I then dug into a big bowl of oatmeal with my new addiction Sun Butter.

For my one of my fundamentals classes I have been doing some reading on various diets including Macrobiotic, The Blood Type Diet, Sally Fallon Diet, The Atkins and many others.   I now am looking for some feedback on what others experiences are; what kind(s) of diet(s) have you tried? What was your experience? Do still prescribe to a set diet or do you have guidelines that you follow?


  1. Arlene

    Which diets really work??? That is THE question. I think I’ve tried them all. Frankly, I spent a long time shunning certain foods. I finally had to let go of any notions about how I wanted to eat and what I wanted to call myself and listen to my body and what works with my lifestyle. Matt Monarch makes a great point in one of his books when he says if you look at most diets what they tend to have in common is cutting out refined sugars and carbs — can’t really go wrong with that approach for starters.

  2. JL

    I’ve tried South Beach (lost weight, kept it off, but it creeped back) Tried Weight Watchers, the same. This year I did my first cleanse, with a nutrition counselor. I did it for 14 days (whole, organic foods, 3 days Master Cleanse, no wheat, no sugar, no dairy). It was after the cleanse that I took the leap from vegetarian to vegan — I was just an egg away at that point anyway. So I continue to eat a vegan diet, whole foods, limited sugar (agave only, really) I don’t count anything, I don’t weigh anything, I eat until I’m satisfied and my weight has been consistent for over three months now. I don’t consider a diet at all, actually. I do workout consistently too — training for an April half-marathon before triathlon season begins.

    Hope your first day on the new job was a great one!

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