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Hi Everyone! So as many of you know my husband and I have run off to Boston, my old home for a brief time, for some R&R and of course yummy eat s and drinks.  I was recently asked about vegan options in Boston and I have put together a list of places that my husband and I love as well as some other options we have yet to try but I hear are good:

I hope this list is helpful! People say Boston isn’t vegan friendly but it so is! There are tons of options here are some:

  • Bagel Rising
    • Has the best bagels with tofu spread ever! These are my husband and I’s favorite thing to get when we go to Boston.  These are usually located within Espresso Royale’s.  Our favorite location is on Newbury St.
  • Grasshopper            *Vegan*
  • 1 North Beacon Street, Allston, MA 02134
    • I have had mixed experiences at Grasshopper, but have come to learn that the only dishes you should get here are ones that are deep fried.  The No-Name is most people’s stand-by and it is delicious.
  • Spike’s Junkyard Dogs
    • This place sells a yummy veggie dog. These are so good and you can get so many different combinations. So for something quick, easy, yummy and cheap this is a good choice.
  • Chilli Duck 829 Boylston Street, Boston, MA
    • This Thai place has a vegetarian menu that is all vegan and the food is good!
  • The Elephant Walk   
    • I haven’t visited this place yet but I hear that has amazing food and the vegan options are labeled on the menu. (There are a Boston, Cambridge and Waltham locations. Oh and reservations recommended).
  • The Other Side Café           407 Newbury Street
    • This was always my college standby when I was going to school in Boston.  The atmosphere is really fun and the food is delicious.  There are tons of vegan options as well as raw vegan options.  The tea selection is amazing and so good as well. If there is one really great place to visit I would suggest here.
  • My Thai Vegan Cafe 3 Beach Street, 2nd Floor formally Buddha’s
    • This place is cheap and delicious.  It has great vegan thai food. (There is also a Brookline location.)
  • Pho Pasteur II             682 Washington Street
    • This place is just below My Thai Vegan Cafe and has great Vietnamese food. They have a great vegetarian menu that has vegan friendly options. The food is cheap, yummy and you get a ton of it.
  • Addis Red Sea     544 Tremont Street
    • This place is AMAZING! My husband and i absolutely love it and the food is delicious.  The place is Ethiopian and is served very traditional and is so good it is a must try if you like Ethiopian food or are interested in trying something new. Also all the vegetarian items are vegan. (I don’t care for their Cambridge location.)
  • Le’s   36 JFK Street-  Located at Harvard Square in Cambridge- I believe there is an Allston location as well
    • Le’s serves delicious and affordable Vietnamese food in a casual setting.  There are plenty of vegetarian dishes to chose from, many of them are vegan.
  • The Middle East Restaurant & Nightclub 472 Massachusetts Avenue
    • this place has great Middle Eastern foods.  You could also try ZuZu which is part of The Middle East group and is next door- it’s a little fancier and I hear has great food
  • Lizzy’s Ice Cream Parlor  29 Church Street
    • This place is located near Harvard Square in Cambridge and it has yummy vegan ice cream and sorbet options
  • Veggie Planet   47 Palmer Street Cambridge
    • I haven’t tried this place yet but people love it.  The vegan options are listed on the menu.
  • Also Faniuel Hall has a big food court with a ton of options that vegans can eat from sushi to indian to thai.  There is also a great Mexican place at Quincy Market that I can’t remember the name of but it’s on the left side of Quincy Market and has great food.
  • There are also tons of options at the Prudential Center food court.
  • If you are going with Omni’s Legal Seafood has one vegan dish.
  • There is also PF Changs and CPK which has some vegan options.
  • For quick items there is Bolocco and Qudoba that both have vegan options.
  • Other Vegan Options:
  • TJ Scallywaggles      487 Cambridge Street- Vegan pizza and subs
  • 28 Degrees One Appleton Street Boston, MA 02116
    • Vegan Options:
      • -Radicchio Salad (adaptable)
      • -Fried Polenta
      • -Tomato, Basil Pizza (adaptable)
      • -Sauteed Spinach
      • -Grilled Bread, Olive Tapenade, Bean Puree
  • This is a great site that has a number of other options that might interest you:
  • If you are outside the city at all Prana in Newton has amazing raw vegan food and The Watertown Diner has a yummy vegan breakfast.
  • Also incase you were wondering Rock Bottom has a veggie burger but it’s not vegan and none of the beer is.
  • Also b. Good used to have a vegan veggie burger but it is not vegan anymore.


  1. Thank you so much for compiling this list!

    I’m a Boston vegan who has slowly been figuring out where I can eat. I do have a few corrections to yr list.

    TJ Scallywaggle’s became Peace O’Pie (under new management) and the Brookline branch of My Thai has been closed for at least a year (unless it moved from it’s former location and I missed it somehow).

    Regardless, thnak you, thank you, thank you! I now have some new places to check out!

  2. Kara

    Is Wheeler’s ever actually open? I was in Boston about 6 weeks ago, and super excited to go there, but it looked closed, and was never open when it was supposed to be…I wouldn’t advise making a special trip there; fortunately, I was staying nearby, so it wasn’t a big deal. SUPER disappointing though.

  3. veganpizza

    Hi, I am one of the owners of Peace o’ Pie. Thanks for the mention. Sorry you couldn’t make it out to visit us!
    FYI, we are not new management for TJ’s, we are an all-new restaurant with all-new owners (i.e., everything is new and different except the concept of vegan pizza). We also do not (yet) serve subs, but we do have the best vegan pizza, including organic ingredients, that you’ll probably ever eat, so don’t skip us next time! 🙂

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