1. Whit

    O0o, I totally want this! I recently started eating vegan and it’s going great, but my husband and I are considering having kids soon and I have no clue about what that would mean with a vegan diet – this book would sure help!

  2. I always love learning new info about nutrition and finding new recipes! 🙂 Though I’m not pregnant I’d still enjoy this book as it could contain useful info nutritionally and that I could pass along to pregnant women in years to come once I become a pharmacist 🙂

  3. Durão

    Well, my best friend is a vegan and I have come to discover that it doesn’t all “taste the same” in restaurants she takes me. I would like to offer her this book!

  4. Thanks for the review 🙂

    You’re right about the books not being intended for the easily offended, but my sister loved Skinny Bitch and, thanks to SB, she went pescatarian and doesn’t drink milk. I’m still–forgive the expression–egging her on to go vegan, but in an amicable, goofy, sisterly way.

    Eventually, maybe one day, I’d like to carry on my lineage (can you tell I’m not in the right state of mind or place in my life yet?), so I’d like this book as a heads-up to what kind of dietary and physical planning I’d need. I know these ladies have done their research, so I’d like this book as one of a few resources.

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  5. Awesome! I love Skinny Bitch, its so great how they have spread the word to the world about veganism!!!! ;0) I would love this book as well as I’m planning to be a vegan mom in the future, great blog post, thanks! Michele

  6. Emma

    I love Skinny Bitch thanks to you, and recently giving up meat I am hungry for information – as much as possible! Kids are definitely in my future and I want to know as much as possible to help myself and others eat properly.

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