1. Melissa

    Hooray, for chocolate. Also just a reminder I love your blog! You have been such a great help in my families food journey.

  2. Gabrielle

    Oh wow! We don’t have those in Canada but I did see one when I was in Tucson and it wasn’t vegan. I picked up the wrong one!

  3. cookeasyvegan

    I don’t want to be in the contest because I have a stash of Theo chocolate already. I live near the factory, and have gone there many times to sample the chocolate. They have piles of samples of all their chocolates to try before you buy. My favorite is the one with orange. I’m glad you got to try their bars!

  4. I recently got Alicia Silverstone’s book The Kind Diet and while researching about that, went to another website and from there found you! Yay for the web! Your blog looks great for learning about vegan eating which I’m new to.
    I love chocolate and would love to try a new kind!

    I’ll follow you on Twitter and tweet about the drawing.

    good thoughts,

  5. Oh wow… I’ve heard such great things about Theo!! I haven’t bought any chocolate bars for myself in weeks, months actually and I am sensing my willpower melting with every passing second, especially after reading this post!

  6. We always have chocolate in our household! My husband has a small piece everyday and I have one about every 3 days…I must eat up my one lone vegan chocolate bar very slowly. So it’d be great to get more chocolate 🙂

  7. Sarah A

    Chocolate is considered a food group in our household – so it’s a good thing I’m the only one with a particular interest in dark. Less sharing involved : )

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