1. Yay! You’re a giveaway queen! I would prefer oat milk I think –I’ve only tried oat cream in Scotland before, and I think that was different.

  2. cookingforaveganlover

    It’s for Vegan Mofo- I said I’d do at least 1 a week. After this I think I have one more and then I’m taking a short break and it will be most likely every 3-4 weeks I will have a giveaway

  3. lazysmurf

    I use almond milk the most but I love oat milk over cereal and I don’t buy it very much because it is expensive so I would pick oat.

  4. emily

    i would prefer almond. though i would like to try oat. no, i think ill go with almond. actually oat milk, i am going with OAT MILK.

  5. I absolutely love Pacific Almond Milk- better than almond breeze because of the spout! Sometimes I like to drink straight from the little carton which is hard to do with Almond Breeze! Light and Joy to you.

  6. Lauren

    oatmilk! I’ve never heard of it before…but I LOVE trying new things! and I already follow you on twitter :] and just retweeted it!

  7. Faye Smith

    Hello! Well, I’ve done 3 of the 4 contest entry musts. I’ve posted a tweet about your contest (AiGLady), I’ve become a fan on facebook, and I follow you on Twitter. I don’t have a blog. I would LOVE to win this contest!

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