1. I have never tried polenta… raw or cooked. Well, I did have polenta fries once. I loved them. Is regular polenta much different from the fries version (taste wise)? It’s one of those things I’m afraid to try. I’m not sure why. I guess because it’s unfamiliar. I am rather curious though.

  2. cookingforaveganlover

    Polenta can come in different forms- either soft (kinda like grits) or if you let it set it firms up and you can sautee it or fry it up.

    I think raw polenta is even better- basically it’s fresh or frozen corn (if using frozen thaw a bit), salt, pepper, garlic, lemon juice, and raw cashews. It comes out really sweet and garlicky and has the texture of polenta – which yes is like polenta fries …except not crispy.

    You can do some many great things with polenta I just love it. My favorite way to use it is to let it set (or you can buy the tubes of it in the grocery store and just cut rounds) and then brown it on both sides and top with a layer of tofu cream cheese, and sundried tomato sauce ….it’s delicious!

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