Worest Weekend Ever

Oh Neil and I were bad this weekend we had yummy Chinese from A Single Pebble which was incredibleeeeeeeee and we had a bottle of wine (we decided to have a replacement anniversary weekend since our original one didn’t go quiet as planned). Then we had delicious brunch at Magonlia. Then we had lots of bread haha sandwiches for lunch and dinner (we were going to grill a pizza but the coals got tooo hot so we had to scrap it and I used the tomatoes to make soup and we had grilled teese and soup. Then yesterday we had raw cheesecake, vegan seitan rubens and then we went to a ball game and got veggie burgers and fries- i don’t know what we were thinking. So basically we suck haha but I am being good today (and for at least the rest of the week).
Today I am having green jucie, banana, apple, melon, and more green juice.


  1. cookingforaveganlover

    oh it was delicious! I think we over treated ourselves this weekend though and I am feeling sluggish today

  2. This is great! Sounds like my husband and I when I’m not making raw food. All that vegan food sounds soooo good. And why not! Oh and we love our wine…a little too much! We still haven’t been to Single Pebble yet and I hear they are so vegan friendly. We like On the Rise Bakery in Richmond where we can get vegan wood fired pizza calzones ! Yum!!!! 🙂

  3. cookingforaveganlover

    You MUST go to A Single Pebble it is incredible! Plus they can make a ton of items vegan (if they aren’t already). I haven’t been to On the Rise Bakery yet but I really want to- American Flatbread makes so really good vegan pizza’s and it’s great because if you ask for it vegan they don’t charge you for the cheese!- There is the only time I have experienced a place not charging if you ask for no cheese so it was great.

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