Going Raw

Honestly I thought going raw was going to be a lot easier than it is. However I’m really struggling at giving up none raw foods- as well as fully liking the raw dishes I create.

I made a rawzanga and it was amazing and this raw broccoli and cheeze dish that was good. I also have made raw brownies which my husband can’t stop talking about. However then there was the raw burgers and sweet potatoes I just couldn’t get into it.

I think I just need to take more time and try new things as well as take a slower approach to raw food rather than just jumping in.

The most difficult thing I am finding however is that all the raw dishes I want to create take hours to make. I don’t have hours I work full time and mangage a house and have very little me time so it’s like what’s a girl to do? How can I put something in the dehydrator for 3 hours when I work from 7-5 and if i put it in when i get home we can’t even enjoy it til 8.

Anyways I have decided to go back to my cooking ways and leave 1-2 days a week for raw dinners (lunches may or may not be raw those are easier to do with salads and such).

I also need to jump back into working out I have been awful about it lately. It just seems like we are never home and our house is it rough shape from being gone every weekend and working all day – it’s hard to go home at the end of the day and just spend all my time cleaning and putting things away as well as until this past weekend we were lacking in places to store things. Anyways it’s back to working out today because I need to get back in shape for our cruise which is just a few months away.

I guess it’s time to work now.



  1. I agree with you in that raw is extremely hard. When I ate “gourmet raw” the preparation and cleaning took me a long time. It was also very expensive. Then when I went low-fat raw, no prep time was ever required because you just grabbed a handful of fruit and that was it. But it was way too boring. Now I’m happy that I’ve found balance in my eating habits.

  2. I know what you mean about the time-consuming nature of eating raw. No one seems to mention that, but I don’t seem organized enough to pull it off. I can spend three days making a fermented cheese, then start all over again and that’s just one thing! I think your idea of eating raw some of the time is a good one. You can always add more days if it seems right.

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