New Ethic x 2

So I have to admit Neil and I loved New Ethic and not only did we go their Friday night we went Sunday for lunch as well. Friday night we met up with our friend Monica and we decided to each get something and share it since we were all curious as to what everything tasted like. Neil ordered the nachos, Monica the fried chicken sandwich, and I ordered the soul food plate, we also got a side of mac and cheeze to share.

Let me tell you this was amazing food. The nachos were perfect they were sooo fresh and good! The chicken sandwich yum yum yum, their mock chicken is the best I have ever had. The mac and cheese really good too (my hubby and I would have liked some ketchup for it or hot sauce but it was good anyways). Lastly the super star of this dinner was the soul food plate which consisted of fried chik’n with ranch dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn bread; all of this was incredible the chik’n so good, the cornbread was sweet and yummy and the potatoes soo good the only thing that was meh where the green beans but that can easily be overlooked.

On sunday Neil got the Sweet chili burger with coconut bacon and i got the cobb salad. Both were really good. The coconut bacon which everyone was raving about was good however I felt that the coconut flavor was slightly over powering in my salad, it was great on the burger though.

Over all this restuarant is amazing and anyone who comes to Burlington….or VT in general should make a special trip here.

  1. Ricki

    I used to pass through Burlington about once a year en route to visit AMerican cousins and I’m pretty sure my favorite restaurant was there–called Carbur’s. It was still there about a dozen years ago, anyway!

    This place sounds fantastic! I am very curious about coconut bacon. Do they just crisp up coconut with bacon flavoring?

  2. Tami (Vegan Appetite)

    Yay! I’m glad you liked it. I had the fried chicken sandwich and added bacon when we were there. I really wanted the soul food plate, but we got there right when they opened that day and it wasn’t quite ready.

    I really wonder how they make that coconut bacon, too. And I hate coconut. If you find out, let us know!

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