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Finally things have slowed down for a minute and I can write a little bit. Unfortunately I am without recipes for you right now but will be getting back to it soon.

Although Neil and I have been a little under the weather we still have managed to make some yummy dishes which I will post photos of when I get home and upload them to my computer.

I made some roasted root vegetable soup which included kohlrabi, red kuri squash, butternut squash and carrots; this was great and helped us feel somewhat better.

On Saturday we took a morning stroll and stopped in at Coffee Corner and got this amazing (and huge) breakfast which consisted of home fries, bread, and marinated tofu scramble with roasted red peppers, mushrooms and spinach YUMMM!. That night we had some pizza using our dough from our CSA and topped it with sautéed wild mushrooms and teese and some greens tossed with a dijon balsamic dressing. Sunday for lunch we had some tofu with vegetarian oyster sauce (there was more than just that in it I adapted it form a thai recipe I found that was beef with oyster sauce) it was absolutely delicious.

Neil made me the best dinner I have had in awhile the other day it was with soy curls and mixed veggies in a veggie oyster sauce and soy sauce kind of sauce (how many times can I use sauce in this sentence) anyways it was just like take out Chinese and SO yummy.

Last night I used some Brussels sprouts, potatoes, onions and carrots from our CSA and made a yummy hash which we had with veggie burgers and green beans.

Well back to work, I will update the blog with photos and recipes ASAP!

  1. Bianca

    Yummy! I love big diner breakfasts when they’re vegan. Hope you’re feeling better.

    I’ve tagged you for a meme on my blog…go check it out!

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