Veganmofoing- break for a few days

Neil and I will be taking a break from blogging for a few days as his parents are visiting from New Brunswick. As well I am exhausted and did not cook yesturday because we decided to take a 2.5 hour (each way) road trip to Northampton, MA to see Okkervil River and the What Cheer Brigade

both were amazing. There was also another band- Crooked Fingers- but they were awful I took a nap during their set.

Anyways with such busy events going on there has been little time for cooking however Neil and I are going to be going to dinner with his parents while they are here since they don’t care much for vegan eats and we will be heading to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown (where there is nowhere for us to dine) but we will let you know about our dining adventures upon our return.

  1. lazysmurf

    I saw Okkervil River a couple weeks ago at Austin City Limits and they were good, I saw your post and then looked up “What Cheer Brigade” WHOA they are the best band ever! Thanks!

  2. Lindsay I-F

    they are really amazing and really embrace the audience it’s like a big dance party and is just an amazing time. They played in Montpelier, VT a few weeks ago and then we were lucky enough to see them open for Okkervil River.

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