Things I’m Looking Forward To | 8.3.15


I find that some weeks I look at our calendar and there is almost nothing going on and then we have a week like this one. I am already stocking up on coffee and snacks because busy weeks while fun always need a little bit of extra fuel. So what am I looking forward to this week?

Wicked! Yes I am finally getting out on a week night with a friend to do something fun. When you have two little ones this is a rare occurrence and I am so excited to get out. I also can cross Wicked off my bucket list. This show has been on it since I found out about it when I lived in Boston and had no money to go see the show when it was literally in a theatre two blocks from my dorm. Fun fact: there will be $25 Wicked tickets prior to each performance!!  In short, patrons need to arrive 2.5 hours before the performance to put their name in the barrel and ½ hour later, names are drawn to purchase a pair of tickets (don’t forget your cash!)

New Seasons Slabtown opens this week! Okay so who else loves to visit new grocery stores? There is something about a brand new store with all of it’s organized displays and it’s clean and new and fresh. I just love grocery shopping in general so if you say new store you’ll be I’ll be there for the opening. Oh and I’m getting a sneak peek of the new store tonight so follow me on instagram [@runwithtongs] and snapchat [lindsayingalls] for a sneak peek too!

Oregon Wine Country Half Marathon! I won’t be running this half (this year at least) but I am so excited to head out to wine country and cheer Neil on. This will be Neil’s 5th half marathon and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He used to tell me that he could never be a runner but he obviously has proved himself wrong. So excited for this event! 

 In edition to these three events we also have three birthday parties and will be spending time with friends before they head back to Germany. I feel like August is just our month with so many great things going on. The one thing I am not looking forward to is packing because packing with two little ones is less than ideal but alas it has to be done some way, some how.

Photo Credit: Oregon Wine Country Half

How Local Can You Go? | Local Food Challenge + Giveaway

Eating local is something that is pretty important in our house. We make an effort to purchase locally produced products and locally grown produce and we are lucky that we have so many great farmers markets in the area and that the grocery stores we frequent the most such as Whole Foods has so many locally produced products and fruits and veggies.  For the month of August we [our family] are putting even a greater focus on eating locally and we are participating in the Oregon Food Bank Local Food Challenge

LFC poster_no events_8x10.jpg copy

The Local Food Challenge is an opportunity for you spend one month really focusing on where your food comes from and to track how much you spend while you do it. Here are a few things to think about before and during the challenge:

  • Local food supports the local economy: Money spent on local food stays close to home and is reinvested in the community.
  • It’s easier on the environment: From helping to maintain farmland and open spaces to reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Locally grown food is full of flavor: Food grown nearby is less likely to have lost nutrient value since the time between harvest and market is shorter.
  • It builds community: Shopping at a farmers market can encourage you to explore the neighborhood, make new friends or reconnect with old ones.

I would say in July we probably only spent about 25% of our monthly grocery budget on local products/produce. So for the month of August we are taking the Oregon Food Bank Local Food Challenge and we are challenging ourselves to spend 50% of our food budget locally. It might be a bit of a lofty goal but I think ultimately it will force us to eat more whole foods and shop the farmers markets and farm stands around us more often. 

Don’t worry you don’t have to have a lofty as a goal as us. You can participate in the Local Food Challenge  with goal to dedicate at least 10% of your food budget on foodsgrown, raised, or caught within 200 miles of where you live. For the average person that’s just $5/week. We’re excited to join Oregon Food Bank for the Local Food Challenge , a month long initiative to eat locally August 1-31. Register today and make a commitment to eat local!



To make shopping locally easier Whole Foods is kindly offering a $50 Gift Card for one lucky RWT reader. Also if you are local to Portland don’t forget to check out one of the Whole Foods Meet The Makers events going on this month. 

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It’s Broken.


My toe that is. Monday Edith and I were doing a little cookie baking and a smashed my toe on her learning tower and when I folded over in pain I looked down to see my toe (second to the last) was a little bent. As the day went on walking became harder and my toe became more swollen and more purple. Fast forward a few days and my toe is still bruised and still in lots of pain when walking or when my littles step on my feet – didn’t realize how often they did that until I did this.

So after talking to my PT I went to the doctors to see if I should get it x-rayed and was told it was just a break, tape it together, take this homeopathic bone repair remedy and don’t run until there is no pain. I asked what that looked like in days or weeks and she said 2 or so weeks but it could be longer depending on how things heal. That being said I think I am going to have to walk my next 5k and as for my 10k we will see where things are in 2 weeks. Trying not to feel down about this but I was pumped to be back to running again after my knee issues and now here we are again. At this point I might not be running any races until 2016. 

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